Molly Macabre Burlesque

  Thick & Sick

"Growing up alone in the family mortuary, she was basically raised by Steven King, George Lucas and Gary Gygax.  She became a dice rolling, Yoda loving, Goddess of Horror... so to speak.  A roll with her D20s would surely leave you begging for more hit points.  She's Thick & Sick - She's Molly Macabre!!"


Greetings and Salutations, Y'all!  That's right, I'm from Texas.  I was born and raised in Dallas however that crazy southern drawl has graciously escaped me.  I have been performing burlesque since October 2011.  Not only do I perform burlesque, but I am also a singer, an actress and a violinist.  Aside from performing, I also work a full time job, I teach beginner level burlesque classes and I also work as a choreographer and coach to other local performers.  My talents also include music mixing and editing and I offer that as a service to local performers as well. 


My style of burlesque, as a whole, isn't classic by any means but I do like to throw a little taste of that in from time to time just to keep it interesting.  I am really into Nerdlesque as well as historical and gothic themes.  I really love the classic idea of comedy through burlesque and I like to add that humorous element into my routines as often as possible.  I have also been producing my own show, the Plumb Askew Revue, since December 2012.  I became an International performer in November 2013 and I have performed in six burlesque festivals thus far in my career.